When did mediocre become good enough?

Posted on February 5, 2024 by Brad Hayes

I have been involved in providing the best possible full service and support in the telecom industry for the past 33 years, and I have become more and more perplexed since entering the data-managed service business (Managed Services Provider) in 2018.

I’m not perplexed about the business itself, that is straightforward. But as I have traveled around Ohio visiting with CIOs and directors, I ask questions to understand the business community’s needs. I always ask, “How is your current MSP responding to your needs?” The most robust response to date has been, “Not bad!!” Usually, I get, “So so” or “They are OK for some of what we need.” These responses tell me that all too often, companies are OK with mediocre service and response.

The devil you know isn’t always the best.

Think about it. Wouldn’t you be surprised to hear someone describe their tax accountant as just OK, or that “We can live with them”? How about their payroll or HR team, or maybe the contractor who  is building an office for them? Don’t we demand the very best out of these suppliers? If a builder built a structure for you and you had all kinds of trouble over the first five years, but the building was still standing – would you contract to build another building with them because they are the devil you know? I sure hope not.

On several occasions, we have been lucky enough to provide a bid for our customized co-managed MSP services and win the contract. I don’t think it is luck or a coincidence that we still manage all those clients today. However, there have been many times when we have had an opportunity to bid, been told our response is right on the mark, the money is good, but “We just aren’t going to be able to make a change right now,” or “We are staying with the devil we know.”

Don’t get me wrong, I accept responsibility for not differentiating my team as just another “devil” to choose from, but why would a business settle for that?

You don’t have to settle when it comes to your IT support services.

Unlike many providers, we don’t bring you a product to try to fit your needs. We will customize a solution for your business – including coverage options. We will create a custom Service Level Agreement (SLA), provide original pricing options, and more. Our team specializes in client conversions and pain-free onboarding. I am happy to provide you with several references who will gladly share the lift we have provided and the service standards we have surpassed. Mediocrity is NOT our goal.

If you are tired of settling – let’s sit and discuss how TTG can customize a solution around your business so you will forever change how you describe your support team. Contact us today.

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