Telecommunications Network, Systems Management, & Data Managed Services

TTG makes implementing a flexible managed approach to communications simple. For almost three decades, our relentless attention to detail and dedication to each client have defined us as an industry partner who understands and respects service providers.


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Our insights and expertise will help your IT departments provide a higher quality experience for your end users, and TTG will stand in the gap between your IT and Accounts Payable Departments. We will manage bills and audits, provide technical support for voice and voice services, manage lines and circuits, and manage hardware vendors, assist in the procurement of voice/data hardware with extensive RFP experience and competitive bidding practices, and provide documentation of the processes all along the way.

For Voice, Mobility, and Data Services, TTG provides:

At the end of the day, we will act in your best interest serving as your advocate in vendor management, billing management, and order & delivery management.

Voice Services

TTG will solve your complex telephone, mobile, and data network management problems and satisfy your demands. While focusing on lowering your expenses and improving resource utilization, TTG’s highly experienced staff will also provide expertise in phone system and local telephone services, new phone systems, cellular, and VoIP.

Mobility Services

TTG’s focused staff will handle all your Mobility Service needs for your business on an ongoing basis, including:

  • Moves, adds, or changes for your mobility users
  • Billing review, reporting and cost allocation
  • Cellular plans optimization

Data Services

Providing a holistic approach, TTG will fulfill your data network management needs, including procurement, the RFP process, as well as network design, network monitoring and management, and set-up consulting. TTG’s seasoned staff provides expertise in data infrastructure, data architecture, as well as networks and cloud services.

With TTG as your partner, it is not managed services; it is Services Managed.

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Traditional Telecom Consulting

Sometimes you need a knowledgeable expert in your corner to simplify a complex topic – that’s what we do. TTG takes a meticulous look at the entirety of your data and communication infrastructure, identifying areas of overspending, pinpointing capabilities you should be utilizing, and delivering an action plan to help you make both long-term moves and immediate, day-to-day improvements.

Our Telecom Consulting services include:

  • Infrastructure planning
  • Bid development & support
  • Data/telecom compliance & security audits, recommendations & revisions
  • Design and bid for cabling and other infrastructure
  • Systems acquisition, implementation, integration & maintenance
  • Project management & implementation services
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Vendor Management & Oversight

You could easily be paying significantly more than you should be for telecom, data, and IT services if you’ve simply renewed your contracts. TTG has the experience and detailed knowledge to maximize your service and minimize your financial impact from vendors.

As your experienced Managed IT advocate, we dig into the numbers, evaluate your contracts, do the necessary benchmarking, build positive relationships with your vendors, and save you a lot of money in the long run.

TTG's Vendor Management services include:

  • New contract negotiation & revaluation of current contracts
  • Contract management & renewals
  • Pricing comparisons & evaluations
  • Routine reviews of your services & technology, seeking better, more cost effective alternatives
  • Monitoring & following up on service issues so your team doesn’t have to
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Telecom Expense Management

Your time is valuable – and telecommunications/data network management can be time-consuming. With a staff of dedicated professionals, TTG is your communication billing advocate and administrator, there to identify potential anomalies or errors in bills, find cost reduction opportunities, and resolve problems efficiently and effectively.

TTG offers telecom and data expense management services to minimize overhead spending, organize expenses, and give you control over your communication network once again.

We handle all of your voice, phone and data services, including:

  • Invoicing & bill management
  • Order & delivery management
  • Warranty verification
  • Detailed reporting
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Help Desk: Troubleshooting & Technical Support

TTG provides 24/7/365 technical support for each client. Our friendly Customer Service team is prepared to handle issues pertaining to your communication infrastructure, connectivity or any other technical problem you encounter. Reach out to our support team, and we will be in contact with you shortly to help resolve the conflict. Or, call 1-800-783-1065 for an immediate response.

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