What to look for in a managed services provider

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When it comes to technology, you want to be sure that your business is not only staying current, but also making the right investments to enable growth. With many companies making the switch to cloud-based solutions, maintaining a robust IT infrastructure is more important than ever. But trying to do it all in-house comes at a cost—to your bottom line, your time and efficiency, and your peace of mind. There is a better way.

A managed services provider (MSP) is a partner whose sole purpose is to expertly manage your data, cybersecurity, voice and mobile services so that you don’t have to. In today’s economy, you can’t afford to be bogged down by inefficient, costly, time-consuming technology issues. And you really can’t afford to waste man hours that could be better spent on core business needs. Working with a MSP will allow you to keep your team doing what you need them to do to move your business forward.  

So how do you find the right MSP?

Know What You Need

Before you start looking for managed services providers, it’s important to know what you need. Here are some things to consider:

● Your current infrastructure. Does your team get bogged down in areas that aren’t what they were hired for? Helpdesk, break fix, trouble shooting, network repair? Know your team and their roles, and get them focused on those.

● Your business goals. Are you planning on expanding or moving into new markets? If so, then a provider who can help with IT upscaling strategy will be helpful in keeping up with these changes.

● Your budget and technical requirements. Some providers charge per device while others charge based on bandwidth usage or cloud storage space.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and flexibility should be top of mind when looking for a managed services provider. You want to make sure an MSP can scale up or down as your business needs change, which means they’ll not only be able to provide robust data, voice and mobile services, but can also handle special projects with aplomb.

Find out if the company has experience with cloud computing data security management, network security and VoIP services. If so, it could save you money on hardware costs by using these technologies instead.

Finally, check if the MSP has access to skilled resources who can help with troubleshooting problems on site or remotely. The best MSPs will have dedicated helpdesk capabilities at the heart of their organization and not outsourced.

A Proven Record of Success

You should look for a company with a proven record of success. A managed services provider is only as good as its ability to deliver on what it promises. If you’re considering working with an MSP, ask for references and look closely at their past work to get a feel for their track record in terms of client retention and satisfaction. The best MSPs will have several clients that have been with them for years—and there’s a reason why the client hasn’t gone elsewhere: they’re happy with the service they receive!

Legitimate Experience

A managed services provider should be experienced and knowledgeable enough to offer a holistic view of your entire technology setup and make appropriate recommendations based on solid know-how. One way you can evaluate the experience level of a MSP is to talk with their clients to understand how they work, what they provide and their overall experience with the MSP’s team.

The Right Attitude to Client Service

An MSP worth their salt will never be happy with “good enough.” They will aggressively seek the best solutions at the best rates for clients, because they know that relying on the status quo can cost you over time. A good MSP’s focus will always be on making your technology work for you, and not the other way around. They will also be highly responsive to client needs and have a passion for doing things the right way.

What keeps you up at night? What are those items that you worry might be slipping through the cracks – security, the experience your employees get when receiving support, managing the life cycle of infrastructure or laptop?

TTG prides itself on providing tailored, tested, original solutions to bring our clients peace of mind. We would love to have the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your technology infrastructure needs. Contact us today.

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