Experienced Sales Executive joins TTG Services Managed

Posted on January 19, 2024 by TTG Services Managed

In early January, veteran Telecom Sales Executive Steve Hearst joined the TTG leadership team as its Director of Sales. In this role, Hearst will formalize the consultative sales strategy, highlighting the breadth of services TTG offers, focusing on client needs, and growing the sales and support teams. Hearst will also be working to ensure that TTG spends more time to regularly reach out to customers here in the U.S. and abroad.

I am a relationship person,” Hearst said. “In business, I have found out that we all have something in common. Wanting our respective teams to wildly succeed is a common one. I have helped many organizations reach their business goals, and we all enjoy the ride along the way.”

He comes to TTG with vast sales experience, having worked in direct sales at MobileCom/USA Mobile in Northeast Ohio, as channel manager for Fujitsu throughout the Midwest, and as VP of Sales for Accent. In each role, Hearst was rewarded for his hard work and dedication with awards, promotions, and several company-wide honors.

He brings several strengths to his new role at TTG. After many years in the industry and with a depth and breadth of technical knowledge, Hearst digs into concepts to bring them to life for both his sales teams and his customers. Because his knowledge is so in-depth, he is often mistaken for an engineer, and that is just fine with Hearst. He would rather know too much about his products than not enough and steer someone to the wrong solution.

Hearst, who said he is the same person in both his personal and professional life, values hard work, honesty, and treating all with respect. He credits his mother for encouraging him to dream big and his father for instilling in him the work ethic to ensure he could back up those dreams with the grit to realize them.

Hearst says one of the things that motivates him is being “the Tip of the Spear.” He enjoys reaching goals that no one believes can be reached and likes being David against Goliath in the marketplace. Growing up in Cleveland, as he did, will do that to a person.

When not at work, Hearst enjoys hanging out at home with his wife and friends. When they are unavailable, he amuses himself by reading biographies, listening to science podcasts, and training for his next marathon – from all of which he draws energy. When out and about, he can usually be found in a local restaurant or rooftop bar.

An electric vehicle enthusiast, Hearst has traveled the country with zero issues. He has driven – and even raced – several EVs since 2019, traveling throughout the Midwest, East Coast, and Florida. He said, “I like living in the future.” Well, move over, George Jetson.

TTG was founded more than 30 years ago to help organizations lead in their fields and meet their strategic targets. Today, the company has grown to provide its own brand as an independent Managed Services Provider for Voice and Data. TTG is a trusted partner for companies in 45 states and 15 countries. With clients including multi-location corporations and educational institutions, TTG manages communication assets, connectivity expenses, and vendor relationships.

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