Vendor Oversight

Your Voice, Data, Mobile Advocate: The Type of Middleman You Want

We know your time is valuable – and you don’t want to waste it on price comparisons and contract management, trouble resolution or vendor management. TTG provides your company with a single point of contact and reference for every telecom and internet relationship. We work directly with your current suppliers to remedy any issues. When you’re in need of a new service, we supply quotes from multiple vendors, each of which has been fully vetted to meet your specific requirements.

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Simplifying How You Manage Your Connectivity

TTG acts as the conduit between you and your telecom and data vendors, and our efficient and effective methodology reduces the need for you to manage multiple vendor relationships. Instead, you can focus on one partnership: the one between you and TTG.

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TTG simplifies client interactions, billing questions, service problems, connectivity issues, data services, and hardware equipment needs. We know who to contact first to reach a quicker, more permanent resolution to your IT and telecom issues. You no longer need to directly manage the relationship between you and your various telecommunications and data vendors – that means no more sitting on hold and no more wasting your time. TTG allows you to stress less about your communications infrastructure and focus more on your core business.

Key Features of TTG’s Vendor Management Service:

  • Negotiations & Sourcing
  • Benchmarking
  • Technology Roadmapping
  • Telecom Audit & Analysis
  • Price & Package Optimization

Impartial, Telecom & Data Vendor Management Experts

TTG’s only allegiance is to its clients, and to provide you with unmatchable independent client representation, we are not affiliated with any specific vendor as a partner or preferred agent. Any service or solution recommendation is offered to benefit the workflow, function and bottom line of your organization. As a trusted Managed IT advocate, we do all of the data digging and multi-vendor price breakdowns with your best interest at heart. This approach ensures that you get an impartial, flexible, data-driven, value-based strategy every time.

For more information regarding our IT & telecom vendor management services or to get a quote for your organization, contact TTG today.

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