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TTG saves you money by acting as your primary point of contact, connecting you with your telecom, internet, and data management providers without any of the hassle. We are your personable utility advocates and friendly system administrators dedicated to simplifying your telecommunications expenses and eliminating any discrepancies.

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Real-Time Tools to Help You Understand Your Connectivity

Our clients have 24/7 access to online tools, including bill trending, that document all of your current invoices, payables and plans. These real-time tools offer up-to-the-minute information for accounts payable managers – no more waiting on hold for hours on end just to be passed off to a different department. You will have direct access to all voice and data billings at your fingertips.

The Key Features of Our Expense Management Solution

We seemingly uncover new advancements in communication technology every day. Computing power is constantly growing and improving. Here is just some of what we offer to help you take advantage of these developments and simplify the management of your telecom expenses:

Stress-Free Invoice Processing

Spend less time stressing over monthly/quarterly/yearly electronic billing payments. TTG will consolidate all of your expenses into one organized repository and manage it for you, successfully minimizing human error. And, at any given time, you can get an accurate snapshot of what vendors you’re using for which services and how much you’re paying.

Routine Infrastructure Auditing

Don’t pay for the stuff you don’t use and don’t pay more than you should. We will routinely audit the entirety of your communication and data system infrastructure to identify areas of overspending, potential gaps in service and technology upgrades you may not be taking advantage of.

Detailed Reporting for Strategic Planning

TTG leverages its big data analytic tools to give you a transparent visualization of your telecom expenses, focusing on benchmarking and documentation. Use these reports to make data-driven business decisions regarding your voice, data and mobile infrastructure.

*These are just some of the key features TTG currently offers – we are constantly adding new capabilities to best serve the unique needs of our clients.

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