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With several decades of industry experience, TTG acts as your long-term, trusted business partner, providing the highest level of quality and maximum flexibility. Click here to watch CEO, Brad Hayes, and leaders from the TTG team discuss our client-centric culture and the value of TTG’s “Services Managed” approach and offerings.

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TTG provides a tailored, holistic, end-to-end service from initial data network analysis, to implementation of specific services and products, to vendor and expense management, to planning for future replacement and new technology, to ongoing assessment. With us, you can consider your managed services, Services Managed.

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Putting a Telecommunications, Data, IT, Mobile, and Cyber Expert in Your Corner!

Our approach is advocacy, and we make it easy for you to hand off the complexities of telecommunications. TTG is committed to earning your trust and providing unmatchable independent client representation by serving as a client advocate, value-add partner, and trusted advisor. We know the true value of positive vendor relationships, and we work on your behalf to see the fruitful results of a symbiotic vendor relationship. We are your:

Client Advocate

Your needs are unique, and after assessing your current voice and data state, we offer a tailored, impartial solution to meet your telephone, mobile, and network management future state goals.

Value-add Partner

Coming alongside your team as a partner, TTG serves as your telephony technology and billing management team while also being equipped to solve client data network management needs.

Trusted Advisor

Whether acting as your voice and data systems manager or working with you in an advisory capacity, TTG will tailor our expertise to your unique needs. We stay on top of all technological advances so you don’t have to.

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With TTG, you can rest assured knowing your voice and data services are managed well

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Partnering with an Impartial, Buyers-Side Agent to Achieve Independence

TTG is not affiliated, in any way, with any industry vendors or service providers as a preferred agent or partner; our only allegiance is to you, our client.

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We advocate for you, utilizing knowledge that can only be obtained with decades of hands-on communications consulting and management experience. We understand that voice/data connectivity, equipment and infrastructure can be difficult to get your arms around, which is why we offer an impartial helping hand to help you painlessly, effectively, and efficiently navigate the world of your telecom infrastructure.

Ending the Telecom & Internet Tug-of-War

We build continuity and understanding within your voice and data systems and existing vendor relationships, while keeping a continuous eye on the future. Once we take this worry from your shoulders, your can focus on your core business needs and allow your team to focus on their strategic activities!

Assessment-Based Telecom Solutions

TTG partners with each client to understand its unique business challenges and desired future state. Our thorough assessment of your current state provides critical insight before offering the right solutions that will improve time management, core business focus, and provider synergies with the objective of positively impacting your bottom line.

For more information regarding our approach or for additional details about any of our telecommunication services, contact TTG today.

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